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Meeting Venue

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan
123, Ding-Hu Road, Guei Shan, Taoyuan (333), Taiwan map
Tel: (886)-3-3273726
Fax: (886)-3-3273369


The Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is located in Guei Shan near Linkou, just 20-30 minutes away from Taoyuan (TPE) Airport. Taxis and limousine are available from the airport to the Chang Gung Hospital and Hotels.

Since November 2005, all operating rooms belonging to the Craniofacial Center have been re-located to the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s new Taoyuan branch, which is approximately 10 minutes away from the main hospital in Linkou.

Official Language

The official Language of the Workshop is English.


Taiwan welcomes you with its pleasant seasonal climate. It typically presents an average temperature of 22C (71.6°F) all year round. The temperature range in Taipei in October is about 24~30°C (75~86°F). It is sunny most of the time.


Starting from April 9, 2012, Taiwan (ROC) visa applicants need to first access the website:, fill out the visa application forms online and then print them out. The completed forms with bar codes and other required documents ought to be submitted to the ROC’s overseas missions which the applicants have selected while filling out their application forms. The offline application forms will no longer be accepted.

For a list of ROC Embassies – please visit the BOCA website: -> English -> Authentication -> ROC Embassies and Missions Abroad.

Taiwan Time

Taiwan time is GMP plus 8 hours.


The standard electricity supply is 110V, 60Hz.

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