Chang Gung Forum 2015
The 5th International Workshop on Surgery-First
Orthognathic Surgery

Day 1

October 5, 2015 (Monday)
07:30-08:00 Registration
Surgery-First Approach in Orthognathic Surgery – Basic Principles and Concepts Moderator:Yu-Ray Chen
20’ 3D Evaluation of Facial Aesthetics DCS Huang
20’ Pitch, Roll and Yaw Rotation of Maxillomandibular Complex YR Chen
20’ Occlusal Setup without using Articulator and Single Splint Technique DCS Huang
20’ Diagnosis and Treatment Based on Patient-centered Outcomes Huang/Chen
20’ Discussion
09:40-10:10 Coffee Break
Virtual Surgical Planning in OGS Moderator:Lun-Jou Lo
25’ Achieving Excellence in Surgery-first Orthognathic Approach with Virtual Planning Sam SP Hsu
25’ Real-time Navigation Lun-Jou Lo
10’ Discussion
Virtual Surgical Treatment in OGS Moderator:Daniel CS Huang
25’ 3D Simulation and Navigation for OGS in Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Ben JP Lai/
William TJ Wu
25’ Design Surgery-first for Facial Asymmetry Correction with Navigational Planning System Tung-Yiu Wong
10’ Discussion
12:10-13:00 Group Photo & Lunch
13:00-13:30 Case Presentation and Demonstration of Anesthesia
13:00-17:30 Live Surgery and Orthodontic Workshop

Live Surgery Orthodontic Workshop
Case A
Skeletal Class III Malocclusion
(Single Splint & CASS Application)

Case B
Facial Asymmetry
(Real-time Navigation)

Cheng-Hui Lin, Yu-Ray Chen

Orthogontic Diagnosis Based on Patient-centered Outcomes
(Daniel CS Huang)

Clinical Elucidation: The Postsurgical Orthodontic Treatment in Surgery First
(Eric Liou)

Computer-assisted Surgical Planning
(Ellen Ko)

Sharing Experiences Moderator:Lun-Jou Lo
Surgery-First Orthognathic Surgery Combined with Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis using Double Distractor Technique for Severe Facial Asymmetry: Case Report Yorikatsu Watanabe
18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception (Taoyuan Chang Gung)

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