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Facial structural fat grafting after orthognathic surgery

Frank Chun-Shin Chang, M.D., M.S.
Craniofacial Research Center, Craniofacial Surgery, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Taoyuan, Chang Gung University, Taiwan

The current trend of aesthetic medicine shifts toward procedures that have minimal recovery time and offer more subtle appearance change. Dermal filler and Botulinum toxin became popular today. Fat injection could offer long term change that artificial dermal filler could not achieved. Moreover, fat could be injected with a larger volume than artificial filler. For many instance, patients who require orthognathic surgery have commitment facial depression that might be beneficial with fat injection. Patient with facial deviation, after orthognathic surgery, the soft tissue difference between both sides might also be corrected with fat injection. Fat injection after orthognathic surgery might have the effect of “bring the painted dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes” to patient. The simultaneous use of the autologous fat injection is a promising technique that may improve the aesthetic outcomes of orthognathic surgery, leading to greater patient satisfaction.

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