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Systematic Review of Class III Skeletal Deformity

Craniofacial Center, Department of Craniofacial Orthodontics
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei & Taoyuan, Taiwan
Yi-Chin Wang

Skeletal CIII deformity is the mostly seen maxilla-mandibular discrepancy in Asian population. It can be caused by overdevelopment of mandible, underdevelopment of maxilla, or combination of both. Orthodontists are seeking for the best balance between esthetics, function, and stability in the treatment planning of these patients with skeletal CIII.

In this speech, the systematic review of two issues in treating patients with skeletal CIII deformity will be presented and discussed from the orthodontists’ points of view:
(1)One-jaw versus two-jaw orthognathic surgery
(2)Conventional orthognathic surgery versus surgery first approach

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