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3D Simulation and Navigation for OGS in Kaohsiung CGMH

Ben Jui-Pin Lai, MD/ William Te-Ju Wu, DDS

With the evolution of treatment concept, is the “profile first” concept gradually dominant in treatment planning for the people with jaw bone discrepancy. The surgery first approach (SFA) undoubtedly echoes the expectation from people seeking improvements for their appearance in more efficient and less stressful manner. However, the surgeon-driven profile can only be determined on the surgical table thus limit the communication between clinicians and patients, and the highly skill demanded character also challenges clinical application.

Since 2010, we started 3D simulation technique in planning orthognathic surgeries. With the concept of maxillo-mandibular complex (MMC), we developed our SFA protocol. However, as experience accumulating, we found MMC concept might not always fit to every SFA case. There is always communication between surgeons and orthodontists in setting treatment plan; also there always need understanding between clinicians and patients to achieve win-win treatment results.

In our presentation, we want to share our experience about SFA and provide alternative way to those can’t be properly set by MMC concept.

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