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The applications of platelet rich plasma and the other new developments in surgery first approach

Eric Liou, DDS, MS
Department of Craniofacial Orthodontics
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

t has been revealed that the phenomenon of rapid orthodontic tooth movement after orthognathic surgery is due to the regional accelerated phenomenon (RAP), which lasts for 3 months postoperatively. However, we also observed gingival recession in some of the orthognathic cases after orthognathic surgery, which we surmised this could be due to the RAP as well. We have revealed in our clinical studies that the submucosal injection of PRP accelerates orthodontic tooth movement as well as decreases the alveolar bone loss due to tooth movement. The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate the possible effects of submucosal injection of PRP in the 4th month after surgery in order to sustain the postoperative rapid orthodontic tooth movement and also as the same time to reduce the risk the gingival recession through its osteogenic effects. The other new developments such as using Invisalign for the surgery first approach,and an asymmetrical chin cap for the management of the relapse of mandibularasymmetry will be presented as well through case presentations.

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