Page 3 - Surgery-First Approach in Orthognathic Surgery
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Charter 9 OGS Management in Class III Skeletal Deformity
Systematic Review of Class III Skeletal Deformity
Yi-Chin Wang
Orthodontic Consideration of Class III Skeletal Deformity

Ellen Ko
Surgical Approaches for Class III Skeletal Deformity
Lun-Jou Lo

Charter 10 OGS Management in Bimaxillary Skeletal Protrusion
Systematic Review of Bimaxillary Skeletal Protrusion
Yu-Ting Chiu
Orthodontic Consideration of Bimaxillary Skeletal Protrusion

Yu-Chih Wang
Surgical Approaches for Bimaxillary Skeletal Protrusion
Cheng-Hui Lin

Charter 11 OGS Management in Facial Asymmetry
Systematic Review of Facial Asymmetry
Yuh-Jia Hsieh
Orthodontic Consideration of Facial Asymmetry

Yu-Fang Liao
Surgical Approach for Facial Asymmetry
Ying-An Chen

Charter 12 OGS Management in Seocndary Skeletal Deformity of Cleft Lip/Palate
Systematic Review of OGS Correction in Cleft Lip/Palate
Betty CJ Pai
Orthodontic Consideration of Secondary Skeletal Deformity of

Eric Liou
Surgical Approach for Secondary Skeletal Deformity of Cleft/Palate
Ting-Chen Lu

Charter 13 Achieve Excellence in Orthognathic Surgery
The Effects Of Hypotensive Anesthesia On Postoperative Nausea
Vomiting (PONV) And Intraoperative Blood Loss After Orthognathic Surgery

Susie Lin

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